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About Homeopathy

Perfect Analysis… Perfect Cure

Homeopathy Founder: Dr. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN

Origin : Germany

Speciality: Deals more with patients than disease

Disease is an altered state of body and mind which may be due to many factors.
For example:

Natural forces – Summer heat, rain, wind, etc.

Artificial – Polluted air, water, foods using fertilisers, modern living, tension-filled job, noisy world, injuries, etc.

Infection – Through bacteria, virus, etc.

But resistance against disease depends upon willpower and immunity

Cure is possible by natural phenomena and with medicines.

Natural cure can be brought out by

Body reactions – like fever and sweating.

Faith can also cure patients i.e. faith in God, in the doctor, in the medicine, in his own body that he will not be affected by any means. Here willpower and faith work together.

Sleep is also a factor of natural cure. Sleep cures more than doctors, and it is better than medicines. It gives good mental health.

All these natural phenomena work only in the initial stages of the disease. Later, medicines are needed for the body mechanism to cure diseases. The earlier you treat, the speedier and more complete the cure. In natural ways of healing, immunity is increased against that disease so that recurrences are avoided. When the cure is not complete, the disease often recurs.

There are different systems of medicines:


They treat patients in different ways, take different approaches and have different principles. Each one has its own limitation and efficacy.

Homeopathic medicines are very much refined and given in minimal and minute dose so there is no noticeable adverse reaction. It treats patient as a whole i.e., mind and body. It makes you free from the disease condition and prevents recurrence also.

Homeopathic medicines can be used in all types of diseases at all ages, in all circumstances. By acting in a natural way, it increases immunity and also removes tendencies, allergies and thus helps mankind live in a modern polluted world. It also reduces the hereditary-familial disease sufferings by raising immunity.

TENDENCIES – When patients suffer constantly from certain disease conditions which were untreated or not properly treated, then they become tendencies like – tendency to cold; to stone formation in kidney and gall bladder; to growths like warts, lipoma; infections like sinusitis, boils, headache, pimples, etc. Here patients are repeatedly affected by the same type of complaints. These types of patients can be cured in Homoeopathy.

ALLERGIES: Some people are allergic to foods, medicines, smells, irritants, leading to:

Sneezing and cough – when exposed to dust, smells, A/C rooms, cold winds
Contact dermatitis – when wearing ornaments and watches.
Itching and rashes – when in contact with chemicals, soaps, mosquito bites.
Recurrent mouth ulcers – from juices, etc.

When we have these types of allergies, we have to eliminate the cause first to get rid of them. In some unavoidable circumstances like mosquito bites, dust, we can take Homoeopathic medicines to avoid allergy. This will increase the immune power and cure or lessen the allergic reactions, thus offering comfortable modern living.

Hereditary familial disease like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, can also be treated in a successful way and maintained without their complications like flushing, palpitation, burning hands and feet, weakness, ulcers, etc.

Homoeopathy works better in children. Repeated attack of cold, primary complex can be easily cured. Weak, puny children can be treated to become robust; retarded growths and babies with delayed mile stones like delay in walking, standing, speaking can be treated. Milk allergy in babies, constipation, diarrhoea, and night crying can also be rectified. Homeopathy can treat Habits like nail-biting, bed-wetting etc. Worm infestation can also be treated very successfully.

Cosmetic ailments like pimples, blackish or whitish discoloration, warts, fungal infections, leucoderma, hair fall, hair splits and dandruff can also be treated.

Psychological diseases like fears, anxiety, sleeplessness, mental irritation, anger can be rectified.

Female complaints like painful periods, profuse flow, uterine tumours, white discharge, breast tumours, etc., can also be treated. Male complaints like impotency, sterility and ulcers can be treated with an analysis of the defects – hormonal, functional, etc.

Surgery can be avoided in many cases like piles, uterine masses, breast tumour, pleurisy, gall stones, kidney stones. In advanced conditions, surgery is the only way.


Homoeopathy comforts modern living by ELIMINATING ALLERGIES & TENDENCIES. 
SURGERIES can be avoided.

In total, Homoeopathy is the finger post on the crossroads of healing which directs the SAFEST WAY to PERMANENT CURE.